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six quick blips about me

A pic of me up in public presenting
Mobile UX Design Meetup presenation, Pecha Kucha format

1. stories as a service (the real saas)

Before I even knew what design was, I was crafting stories and presenting them. I won a young fiction writers award in 5th grade, and spent hours in childhood with friends recording “movies” on cassette in my basement. In high school, I produced programs for the radio station, spending hours tooling around with the school's first digital 4-track editing station. In college, I got hooked on watching people interpret concepts, studying film criticism. One belief I hold true is that we live in a world where the story, be it user or otherwise, reigns supreme.

Follow my adventures, developments, and mini-stories over on my blog.

Good ol' bowl cuts, I would totally rock this if I had the hardware still.
Link-its Commercial. I am in the kimono with the bowl cut. Shiny bowl cut.

2. ham. pre-built.

I was born not with silver spoon in mouth, but rather tongue in my cheek. Behind the layers of professionalism is one energetic ham. #softskill? See my bowl cut move.

Public art experience
Lita Albuquerque’s Spine of the Earth, 2012, I’m in there somewhere, wondering if there is a better way to improve arch support.

3. experience nerd.

Are you someone that stops at the end of any experience and wonders how it could be improved? I’m not saying I’m peevish, rather a reflective optimist.

Pic of me and the love of my life - person-wise.
Date like you mean it, damnit, time flies.

4. family, man.

I have two little ones, a cat, and best friend/wife. I’m blessed and being a family dad continues to give me a fresh scope on life. #foreveryoung

Someone who made this crumby moutasche app probably made some decent discoveries at Snap, find your place.
Farting around with the fake moustache app circa 2012.

5. ideation + innovation

I am a common sense individual who appreciates that great ideation and great innovation are separate things, and there is a time and a place for each.

6. works with hands.

If you have gotten this far down in my about page, then kudos to you. At the very least, you’ve boosted my site’s avg. session duration, and hopefully have some insights into my headspace. I share this gross image of my hand all peeling and chaffed up after a shift at a restaurant, as at the end of the day, I am mainly known to be a player who plays all hands-in. Download my resumé to read more about me, or come find me in one of the social media channels below.